Making Your Business More Valuable

Case Study: Advanced Group

Situation: Strategic Growth Success Story – Advanced Group

  • The founder and CEO was looking for an outside expert to evaluate strategy, business model and to help scale and improve profitability
  • Collaborated with founder and CEO, Senior Management, and the board to create the road map to success
  • Retained on a long-term basis to advise in the execution of the road map
  • Greg Palmer joined the board of directors


  • Preformed a baseline diagnostic vs. the market at corporate headquarters
  • Along with the founder and senior team, created the strategic plan
  • Advised to narrow the CEO’s focus
  • Advised to focus on top grading the team
  • Advised and helped in improving pricing practices and GP% improvements


  • With in 4 years revenue increased by 3x and EBITDA % improved by 400 bps